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SocioFab-PakIndShotsPre-Match Scenarios

With the vivacious ceremony at Christ Church, Australia opens up the most awaited event in world of cricket, The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. Thousands of cricket fans gathered at the lavish green Hagley Park to witness the launch of ICC world cup. Entertaining performances with a captivating view of fireworks displayed by millions of people who watch it live on different channels around the globe. As the regular group matches have been started, the fever of cricket is wide spread in Pakistan nowadays. Pakistan is a nation which bursts with emotions for their cricket team. Getting depressed with every losing match and delighted with every single win we surely take cricket more than a sport.

Now, it is a tournament that has to be won, but the serious thing is, there is a match that totally has got to be won. It’s none other than the Pakistan vs. India match. Here the definition of objective is blurred with destination. Every single citizen of both countries wants their team to win this match at any cost. The trade and marketing that generates by this match only, is inevitable, therefore the passion is supported in every aspect.

The emotions of two countries are in detention of twenty two men who can drive them with fear or confidence, pride or humility. People purchasing their cricket team uniform’s replica T-shirts, big L.E.D’s are also being purchased for a ‘friends and family’ gathering with live screening. It’s a festive-air prevailing all over the countries on both sides of the border!

India has already tried to manipulate this match with their marketing and advertising techniques. There is a sub-war on channels going on through different advertises, news reports and talk shows. Pakistani media on the other hands is busy talking about the politics intervening between cricket team and management. Criticism on players and their personal life was regularly discussed on channels. Indian media had likely to waken up Pakistani media by these alarming features and now our media is trying to defend their team too. Some encouraging songs have also been on aired to make citizens motivated.

As for our beloved team (beloved until it was beaten up by India yesterday – a little lesser beloved now), a significant contest like this is decided by how they take advantage of their stronger aspects and how they conceal their weaknesses. Pakistan has a steady line of batsman and bowlers. Shahid Afridi, Younis Khan, Misbah ul Haq, Wahab Riaz and Mohammed Irfan are major attractions but without Omar Gul, Saeed Ajmal and Junaid Khan, the bowling does not look in a great shape to me. Well, it’s not a time to grief upon who is not there. Rather they should work it out most with who is around. On the other hand India has a fragile team except for Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma, Mohit Sharma, Jadeja and Ashwin. You never know who is going to perform badly and who will show a match winning performance.

Whatever it is, the one-day match will be going to be held on Sunday 15th of February, holding the hands up, we all pray for our team and hope the best team takes the pride of victory.

P.S. This was a pre-match feeling which I had oozing out of me!



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