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Around 11% of our World’s population smokes regularly and every year 1000 people die due to diverse effects of smoking i.e. chronic bronchitis, Cancer, Heart diseases, Lungs failure and Stroke.

There are several ways to quit smoking. Courses, Counselling & Support, Nicotine replacement therapy and Medical prescriptions are available to assist in quitting the hazardous activity.

Early quitting is way easier unless any smoke related disease attacks your body and you have to quit on any cost. Quitting smoking will show better improvement in health by increasing blood flow towards hands, feet and developing an enhanced immune system. However, initially it gives mood swings and a bit higher stress level.


SocioFab - Obstacles in quitting smokeObstacles in quitting smoking:

It’s sometimes easier said than done for smokers to quit who have developed a daily habit. Some common concerns include:-

  • Stress Relieving factors: Smoking is commonly used to overcome stress. This factor can be replaced with work-outs and meditations. Calming activities like hanging out with loved ones or relaxing once a week in s Spa can also help as a replacement in the stress relieving factor. Practices like gardening or morning walk can also relieve stress out of you!
  • Anti Depressant Factor: Smokers are afraid to quit because they feel it could lead them to be more depressed and they couldn’t carry on their daily routine effectively. Quitting smoking can be hard at early stages but special medications can be prescribed by your doctors to do so.
  • Weight Gain Factor: Weight gain during quitting smoking is due to body’s reaction of eliminating nicotine which leads to lower metabolism ratio. It can be overcome by regular work-outs and Fiber-rich healthy diets. The factor that really matters is your health rather your looks.
  • Nicotine Withdrawal: Addiction to nicotine is very strong and after-effects of withdrawal are not very pleasant. Your body will take some time to adjust according to new routines but these signs are transitory and medicinal support can decrease effects.

Quitting Smoking assisted by SocioFabGuidelines to quit smoking:

Here are special tips to enhance your “quitting-smoking” strategy:

  1. Make a list of reasons why you want to quit and refer to it whenever you want to light-up a cigarette.
  2. Write about the mistakes of previous efforts of quitting and make sure to avoid those drawbacks this time.
  3. Make a decision for a replacement strategy. There are plenty of group courses and replacement therapies available. Choose according to your facility and stick on to it.
  4. Throw away all supplies of smoking from your residence and workplace. Ask your family and friends who smoke to step outside while smoking.
  5. Efficiently pre-plan for situations that can lead you to start smoking again.
  6. For a probable weight gain, go for a healthy weight loss effective diet which should be rich in proteins, fibres and free from fats, synthetic fast foods and alcohols.
  7. Put expenses of your smoking supplies in a money bank. At the end of month you can just feel good to save that amount of money or you can give a treat to yourself; or a loved one maybe!

Anti-Craving Strategy:

To prevent from caffeine-induced anxiety, cut out coffee, tea and alcohols from your diet for first month. Applying nicotine patches is also effective to relax your craving. Keep reminding yourself that a craving lasts only for a few minutes. You can get through them by the famous 4Ds method i.e.

Act delay to your urge, Take deep breathes, drink water and do something to occupy your mind until your crave for smoking passes off.



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