Yet another form of Love; Our Birdie

With this world full of cuteness, Parrots are cute and yet another form of God’s Love for us. It is said that parrots can be your best companion. However conditions apply.

If you pet a baby budgie and feed it, it starts recognising you and the hand with which you feed them. Those are the parrots we call; hand-tamed. They would never bite your hand since they recognise it as their parent or their friend. In fact they are most likely to play with it. The hand-tamed parrots are the parrots that are trustworthy and the ones who will make best companions. You cannot trust a parrot unless it trusts you and in order to make them trust you, you have to make them hand-tamed first.

It is easier to train a baby parrot compared to a grown up parrot. But that does not mean they cannot be tamed, the grown-ups may be tamed as well. However it requires some patience. Here is a summarised guide towards how to tame your budgie.

I have a parrot myself and here’s a childish kind of a poem for him because I love him so much. - Parakeet status
Parakeet – smaller eyes means anger mode blending in!

He is a parakeet, a talking parakeet actually.

I love him.

He cheers me up during my low days.

I love him.

He talks out the days when I’m bored.

I love him.

He is too cute.

I love him.

He loves to take a shower, a small little shower of his own actually.

I love him.

He calls my name in the morning and wakes me up.

I love him.

I love him. I love him. I love him. - Parakeet Love
Up-Close! Patriot (read-parrot) style!

Parakeets are the best parrots to pet, you must have realised the reason by now; I have them myself, that is why. However all the other parrots are adorable in their own way.


Enjoy adoring parrots.


Orby Cooper.