A Side Which We Leave Unseen Which Is Why Our Wounds Are Left Unhealed

Let it be glee, disappointment, satisfaction, disturbance, contentment, bad grades, heart-breaks, dismay, depression, stress, triumph, ecstasy or whatever, you bring it on to your self. Nothing and nobody can ever make you happy or sad unless you let them do so. It is YOU, the only one, who has the power to perturb your self […]


Z1 box alongside Xperia SP

Xperia Z1 Camera Quality 4.4.2 vs 4.4.4 (Jan 2015)

Just unpacked and unboxed my Xperia Z1 and then got it rolling for the feature I spent my money for .. . You guessed it – its 20-MP CAMERA! The phone had 4.4.2 installed when I unpacked the box, and then showed me “updates are available”. Note: Images are shortened from 20 mp to a […]

Rise and Shine!

Winters are over, bed felt warm, But today was different, The Sun shone bright. Didn’t want to get up, Didn’t want to get out, I turned to the Sun and felt something. I felt like it said; “It will be alright!” I was probably just manipulating. But then I smiled to myself, thinking; Sometimes it […]

sun girl

I dont cry - SocioFab

Life-like movie is what we live in!

I have heard people saying that as you grow up your heart become stronger. It can bear more than it could ever before but for me it’s different. As I grow, my sensitivity to touchy things is further intensifying. Taking a serial I was watching, lately, as an example; the main role i.e. the hero […]


With all the sorrows and the dreams,
When life is miserable or so it seems.. .
There is only hope,
And one single rope!
That sounds the heart from falling apart,
And keeps us alive maybe of the weird sort.. .
That there will be good,
Just like it should!


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HTC One (M8) vs Xperia Z2: I lie I cheat I steal!! !

Will this little fella steal the deal? The stunner was the news with regards to HTC One right now (my favourite design to date) in its questionably VERY HIGH performance in Geek-type benchmarks! These applications are designed to gauge the level of a device that has these four mediums backing it up for performing in […]