Xiaomi MIUI 10 New Free Font (Caviar-Dreams)

How to Change/Update Xiaomi Phone FONTS in 4 Easy Steps (MIUI 10) 2019

Let us cut the long stories short, and customize our Xiaomi Phones FONTS STYLES on MIUI 10, using ‘Mi Note 3’ in this example (will work on all MIUI 10 devices) now :– 1. Visit and download the android app “MIUI Custom Font Installer” from Google Playstore… Now, select your […]

Why the Fans Took B99 Cancellation So Hard?

Is an interesting question. Brooklyn Nine Nine was a hit among viewers, but even then it had just 2 million viewers per season. Let’s have a look at why the news of the show’s cancellation was met with such furor.   The Hilarious Script Of course humor is subjective, and […]

Top 10 B99 Moments We All Loved

Who doesn’t love a badass moment? Whether we’re directly involved in one or we see someone dish it out, it all about trumping someone in a moment of pure savagery. Brooklyn 99, a police show, has its moments of fun and badass-ery which make us go crazy over the show. […]

Best Episodes of B99

Every sitcom focused on humor can only tread the path for so long. Constantly and relentlessly trying to make audiences laugh can make a show monotonous. This is exactly why a show needs to have some element of seriousness or drama. Here we look at the best episodes of the […]

The Power of the Internet Brings Back B99

Following FOX’s announcement, there was a massive wave of social media outcry, with fans heavily protesting the decisions and calling onto other networks to pick up the show. A myriad of petitions and hashtags took over twitter, like #SaveB99 and #RenewB99 to name a few.       After news […]