The combination of Red and Green

What is it that is not just hot but fiercely hot? Red is the pure Capsaicin pepper and so is Green. Red is the Naga Jolokia pepper and so is Green. Red is the Dorset Naga pepper and so is Green. Red is the Savina Habanero pepper and so is […]

Yummy Jelly Flip Flops

Are you one of those people who feel hungry after every while? An hour ago you had breakfast, now you are hungry again and feel the need for brunch? Then I guess you should go and have brunch, this post is just not for you because not everything that seems […]

10 Inspirational Cover Photos

Okay so I made some covers for you guys to put up as your Facebook profile covers hoping that you yourself would learn something from them and IMPLEMENT.     1.       Say NO to Discrimination 2.       Say NO to Discrimination (vintage version) 3.       Be Kind 4.       Dance While You Can […]

Fear or Belief

What is it that prevailed even during the time of our forefathers and still manages to exist?   What is it that has no racial, communal, religious or national boundaries?   What is it that cannot be seen but is still believed to be there?     “If a black […]

Removing stains like a Pro

Stains are the last thing anybody would want on their clothes especially if you’re talking about oil stains (ugh… gives me the creeps, the kind of feeling only those of you would understand who have been through washing clothes). We all know that the fresher the stain is, the easier […]