When we are talking about jewellery; Elegant is Cute. The more elegant a piece of jewellery you wear, the cuter it looks. Besides “elegant” should be a lady’s middle name. She should never compromise on the elegance of her personality because for a lady, elegance means her integrity.

At grand occasions ladies are found to be bombarded with jewellery, especially in South Asian countries, so much that their actual beauty is lost somewhere in the flashiness of their overdone jewellery.

That is wrong. Completely wrong!

Primitively, jewellery was invented to enhance your beauty, not to nullify it. It was made to be catchy and flashy so that it would add more beauty to your personality.

Quality diamond rings don’t need any sort of led light to glow as it illuminates from within. The more it shines in your hands the flashier it looks. Some ladies tend to think that if they are buying a diamond ring, it might as well be big enough to show. However the small truth that comes with the big diamond is that if it is too big and flashy, your hands would look dull which is not what any engagement bride would want because the photographer is going to be taking a lot of pictures of your hand with the engagement ring on it.

Below are a few jewellery picks I chose for you to add a touch of Cute to YOUR BIG DAY!

1)      A single diamond centrally pivoted is always good. Always looks elegant.

diamond engagement ringcut diamond ring

2)      Diamond rings with some detailing done to it.

detailed engagement ringdetailed ring

3)      It does not necessarily have to be a diamond that is pivoted always. It can be some other valuable stone too.

Pearl Diamond ringpearl and diamond ring

4)      Pear shaped diamond rings if placed correctly, make your finger look long.

pear shaped diamond ringpear shaped ring

5)      Pear shaped diamond ring with detailing.

pear shaped ring with detailing

6)      The cutest of them all; My Favourite!

cute diamond ring


If not Diamond then what?

Hey Prince Charming!

Ever since I was a baby I’ve been hearing that; “One day your prince charming would come and propose you with a Diamond ring”. So this is to my prince charming who has not yet arrived;

“Dear Prince Charming,

This is to let you know that if you are about to propose, it does not necessarily have to be a diamond ring. Emerald is really in and I also like Red Ruby. I won’t mind Blue or Pink sapphire. Pearl is no less valuable either. Or if you like Serendibite or Blue Garnet then I’m happy with what you like. All I want is for you to choose the ring as soon as possible because I can no longer wait.

Yours since born.”

Here is what they may look like and I promise to not say “NO” to the proposal. However if it is not one of these then the result might be a NO. Joke!

1)      Serendibite, I like to call it black diamond, ring.black diamond ring

2)      Blue Garnet ring.blue garnet ring

3)      Red Garnet ring.garnet ring

4)      Pivoted White, Black and White, and Black Pearl rings, respectively.pearl ringblack and white pearl ringblack pearl ring

5)      Pink Sapphire ring.pink saphhire ringrose gold ring

6)      Blue Sapphire ring.blue sapphire ring tiffany

7)      Pink Ruby ring.pink ruby ring

8)      Red Ruby ring.red ruby ring 1

9)      Emerald rings.tiffany emerald ringemerald ring 1emerald ring

10)      Last but not the least in any way, rings not made up of any valuable stone but given with Love.heart ringhearts ringheart ring 1

P.S: Pay a lot of attention to what has been said above because this is every girl’s voice! See our Wedding Ring suggestions for the New Year too.