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Emerald Green is the Pantone’s predicted colour for this season. In fact it has been quite a while since it was predicted to be the colour for the upcoming season; people have conventionally started following the colour train and are going kelly Green. The collection launched by our beloved designers, for instance, has a lot of emerald green in it.


See how Angelina Jolie shines wearing the colour of the season in the Golden Globe Awards 2011. Oh yes! She’s a step (read: 2 years) ahead of all of us. The colour also compliments her eye colour.

angelina jolie emerald green


However there is no hard and fast rule that your outfit has to be emerald green. There are a hundred and thousands of ways to add lime green to your attire. One is, you may wear flashy emerald green jewellery and outshine like the smarty; Angelina Jolie did in the Oscars.


She wore emerald green earrings with her Black ensemble and rocked the Red Carpet.

ring crop


Angelina carries the kelly ring as gracefully as she carries her black clutch and luscious black dress. (She is so freaking smart, she added green to her attire even before I suggested it. She’s always a step ahead of us. No wonder I love her so much ^_^). Again, her jewellery compliments here beautifully grey, which now seem green, eye colour so well that I cannot help but admire this gorgeous lady all the more.





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