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Energy is the strength and vitality required by your body to work and remain active. It is meant to be consumed by your body. It is required by your body for a lot of purposes; every system in our body requires energy to work; naming the nervous system, respiratory system blood-circulatory system and all the other systems (we learnt about during our mid-schooling), the voluntary as well as involuntary activities carried out by our body, everything we do and every movement we make requires it.


Food in simpler words is Energy, considering which; over-intake of food should mean a more active, a more energetic YOU sadly that is not the case. It has adverse effects and makes you lazy instead.


However it also depends on the type of food you eat. As yummy as the burgers may look, over-eating on snacks like above is bound to make you lazy.


There is a thin line between eating and over-eating, that thin line is called hunger. If you eat just as much as is needed to kill your hunger then you eat, whereas if you cross your hunger limit and do not stop eating then you are clearly over-eating.


Over-eating primarily causes laziness which harms our performance and activities. Later on it leads to serious health problems like diabetes, obesity, angina and heart-attack. Over-eating and high blood-cholesterol levels are the root causes of most of our health problems these days. Our blood-cholesterol level is directly affected by the kind of diet we follow. If we follow a balanced diet, our blood-cholesterol level will be balanced too. Thus we can say that our diet and the blood-cholesterol level of our body are directly proportional to each other.


Everything in our life is, either directly or indirectly, related to our diet. In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, we would definitely need to eat healthy.


So here’s a little friendly advice for you: Do not look at food as yummy edibles, look at it as Calories. If you would devour a lot of it, you would have to work-out ten times as much.




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