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Friendship – A Ship That Never Sinks

By March 13th, 2014No Comments

A lot of people walk into your life and a lot of them walk out. Some however make for a terribly crucial part of your life, so crucial that they become a question on the face of cruciality itself. You can completely and unconditionally rely on them, knowing that they won’t let you down ever. Nature did not choose them to be your family but they surely had other plans 😉


They come in your life with a formal “Hi!” at school and reach to the informal “burp” very soon. They start with taking photos with you and end with finally teaching you how to take selfies. You go to the school together, you go to shop together and eat in the same dinner plate. You know they like plain fries but you still put ketchup in their fries because YOU love ketchup (so what if they don’t). You would first go bonkers asking them their crush’s name and when they would finally tell you, you’d go bonkers again, laughing on them. You fall together, laugh like crazy and pick up each other. You borrow each other’s shirt and keep them like you own it. The day doesn’t end until you share every little thing that happened to you, who knew they were going to be this important to you one day.


However as time passes, the circumstances change. People change, their priorities change and they move ahead with their lives. You change, your priorities change and you, as well, move on with your life. The people whom you expected to stick around forever, like a math constant, are no longer there for you the way they once were. They get busy in their daily routines and so do you. They learn to live without you and you learn to be happy that way. They make new friends, you make new friends. It’s not like they are no longer your best friend, they are and will always be and you know that they will be there for you when you are in need but it’s just that you can no longer simply drop by at their place whenever you want to. The friends, who once had all the time in the world for you are now too busy to be bothered, neither do you have the time to bother.


With them, you would have these unexplained one-week fights with that would simply end with “I miss you man”. You love them so much that it almost annoys you.

Then why all these differences between you today?

What is this perplexed distance between you people?

Why all these petty formalities?


Friends are those dependable creatures whom you can call at 3am and tell (read = order) them to come over immediately and that too without a reason. Friends are those oddballs who will follow you on your date and wait for the girl to leave just to pull your leg and empty your wallet later on. They will show up on your exam day, wish you luck and leave you wondering the next minute (going all “yeh kya tha?” Lol yeah). This is how unpredictible and skeptic they are. They’ll make you mad in one instance and cool you down the other. Friends are those mean species, who are going to show up on your door, purposefully, when you’re grounded just to tell you that they are going out to party. Friends are those informal goofy living organisms, who’ll drop by just to pee in your toilet (because peeing in your own toilet is too main-stream). Friends are those teddy bears who give you unconditional free hugs. Oh my God! They’re so indescriptively weird that you weirdly happen to love them, so much that it hurts in your kidneys, haha!


Okay enough of the sentimental stuff for now. Leave everything that you are doing and call them right away!

Come on!

Tring Tring!


(To Dilu and Ismi)



The Krunchies are here do not Fear! Everything is amusing and fabulous, from tech to shoes to bracelets and droplets. These two know no boundaries when sharing their favourite knowledge on food, tech, and all the wearables. They're smart, and they're cute!

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