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Okay so I was just writing an article for which I needed to know the real meaning of Genderism. When I put it up in the search box, it came up with several definitions, most of which were expected. I call it expected because just like racism, I thought it would mean discrimination on the basis of races. As for genderism, I expected it to mean; discriminating on the basis of genders.


Much to my surprise, I found a weird definition on an authentic site. It said that it is the belief that there are only two genders, namely; man and woman. Furthermore it stated that the belief is wrong. I found it very offensive. Offensive not because they stated that there are just two genders or because that belief is wrong but because when you read ahead it states that such belief induces negative attitude and discrimination towards people who portray bisexual characteristics (just so you know, I have completely rephrased the definition mentioned on that particular site because it has to go through plagiarism check so you won’t really find the exact same definition on the site).


The whole idea behind this post is that; this definition of Genderism is wrong. The true definition is; “Genderism is the discrimination caused due to the belief that one gender is superior to another, to be more precise the belief that men are superior to women.” This belief is why the word genderism came into existence. It has nothing to do with transgender or anything. Writers and sites should restraint from putting up stuff like that. You don’t have to make them read such bogus stuff and make them feel indifferent. They are really cool people okay? They are awesome the way they are and they can be as efficient as anyone of us in all spheres of life. In fact they might even be more efficient and talented than the clear gender people.


They have accepted how they are and all they want is to be accepted by the society just the way they are. If they do not have a problem with it, what is your problem?

It is not really helpful for them to be reading about discrimination over and over again. They are trying to fit in just as hard as you are. If you can be successful, why can’t they?






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