Selling what you Buy

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While everything in our life has some special effects added and editing done to it, so is the news we are provided with. They no longer provide us with to-the-point and unbiased news. News is that pretty face which is now hidden underneath layers of dark and heavy make-up which wasn’t needed in the first place. Or maybe it was?


Newspapers, a small yet a crucial part of journalism, are our link to the outside world providing us with the “goods” and “bads” of what is happening out there. They provide the common man with information about the favourable and unfavourable events like (GOD FORBID) robbery, killing, natural calamities like; flood and earthquake, outbreak of a disease, political affairs like; election results, governmental ups and downs. They keep us updated with the weather and the temperature every day. Inform us with what evolves in the various entertainment programmes like; films, serials, music concerts and the celebrities associated with them. They have the vacant jobs and matrimony sections as well as other advertisement sections which the reader may or may not find useful. They also have columns reserved for sale and purchase of houses, apartments, cars, furniture, useful appliances, etc.


Primarily their job was to provide us with all the aforementioned things keeping the true essence of the news intact, while now when they provide us with the news, they somehow manage to add all the emotional drama and spices to it. What makes them do that? As per them; it interests the reader and grabs their attention.


Journalism via Media is even worse. While Newspapers add “a bit” of emotional drama to the news, the Media adds a bit of news to the emotional melodrama. They probably work with the strategy of picking up a headline and making a whole new emotional drama out of that bit of news. They play with peoples mind; emotionally, mentally and every other way they possibly can. Media is playing a “no rules barred” match. They literally have no limitations anymore. They peep into others lives, talk over the people’s most sensitive issues and accuse people of things the accused person has never done or ever thought of. In order to manipulate us they get so insensitive so as to ask a mother who has recently lost her son, how she feels after her son is no longer around. All in all, they no longer provide us with news we can look up to.


Why do they do that?

What makes them do that?

Who makes them do that?


We! Yes, we make them do that. We let them manipulate us. We let them play with our judgement and what we perceive regarding our government, politicians, celebrities, etc. They only sell what we buy! Let it be the newspaper or the media news. They cannot manipulate us if we do not let them do so. It is us who pays attention to all that melodrama and the BLING news they bring about. We like to know what’s going on in our favourite celebrity’s life and we read all the gossips and scandals made on them without even thinking for once over how would we like it if people gossip over our lives and poke their nose into our family affairs.


If we’d stop paying attention to all these dirty things, why would they have to get dirty?

They wouldn’t. They really wouldn’t. They only sell what we buy, if we’d stop buying the dirty stuff they’re up to selling then they would stick to their strategy of selling what we buy and get back to giving us uncontaminated NEWS.

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