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You step into a new world while coming from a different world, both worlds being completely disparate. New place, new paradigms, new entities and new faces, everything is new to you, equally strange and queer to the nth degree. You don’t seem to connect with anyone nor do they seem to click. Nobody understands you nor do you understand them. The more you try to judge, the more you seem to misinterpret.


Not being sure if things will work out eventually or not, you simply step into a world of strangers. You don’t know them, they don’t know you. You don’t talk to them, they don’t talk to you. They think you are too reserved to come and talk to though you’re just feeling gawky. You think they are a bit too reserved to go and interact with though they are just shy. You wait for them to come and talk first while they wait for you to take the first step. Call it lazy or gauche, sometimes it is not as easy for you to socialise as it is on an ordinary day. Yeah sure you can be appreciatively social on an ordinary day but these “first times” can give anyone the creeps!


Let it be the first day of your new school, first day of your college, first day of your university, the first day after shifting your residence, the first day after migrating to a new city or a new country, your first job interview, the first day of your job, the first time you met someone, the first time you stepped on stage and addressed the audience, the first time you gave a presentation or let it be any other “first day”, “first time” incidents of your life; “FIRST TIME” EXPERIENCES ARE ALL SOCIALLY AWKWARD**. In fact sometimes not just the first day but the first few weeks (as in my case right now) and sometimes, for some people, even the first few months are spent uncomfortably having being put into an entirely unfamiliar world with so many eyes pivoted on you; one cannot be sure nor can you really judge as to why are they so. However the best way is to give them the time and space they need to get comfortable because we don’t know what really is going on in their cerebrum. Maybe they are forcibly made to be a part of this new world. Maybe they are just frustrated over something else. Maybe they have trouble socialising or maybe it is something else, unpercievable by our sole conscience.


Whatever it is, just know that; stepping into a new world is like getting an opportunity to paint a plain white picture with your choice of colours. There is nothing to be afraid of. The white plane is yours to paint or sketch. Be as creative and as artistic as you want.

plain white



(**with the exception of some very social people off course)



The Krunchies are here do not Fear! Everything is amusing and fabulous, from tech to shoes to bracelets and droplets. These two know no boundaries when sharing their favourite knowledge on food, tech, and all the wearables. They're smart, and they're cute!

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