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“Your perfume talks more about you than your handwriting does”

-Christian Dior 

We all have heard how one’s dressing is a strong marker of their personality, well the same holds for fragrances. The scents we choose to wear are capable of leaving strong impressions about the kind of a person we are. According to a study, 90 women were asked to smell three perfume samples and based on that, guess the personality traits of the wearer. The results revealed that females linked fruity smells with effeminate traits like more expressive, sensitive, and talkative. Whereas they linked woody smells with masculine traits such as dominance, assertive and warmth. The perceptions of these women about the hypothetical wearer’s personality traits were heavily impacted by the types of scents. This study is bespeaking proof of the power of fragrances. 

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There is no doubt that scents are powerful. They have the power to take us down memory lane and reminisce the old times. They can transport us back to the times of love, joy, and intimacy. Likewise, scents also tend to trigger bad experiences and memories. They can remind us of a certain someone. It is sufficient to say that they are more than a liquid in the bottle. They are strong enough to provoke emotional responses and impact our judgments. 

Do you know our brains tend to store olfactory memories better than visual cues? This implies that it can remember the scents based on the place, person, or situation. For example, you are shopping for a perfume and smell a scent that your friend used to wear, but that friend is no longer a part of your life. This is sure to make you feel nostalgic and want to miss them. We know that our memories are formed based on our five senses but our sense of smell plays a major role in the recollection and retravel of memories. 

A study entitled “smells and emotions” by Dr. Silvia Alava found that people can only remember 5% of what they see but when it comes to smell, they can accurately recall the 35% parts of that memory. In addition to this, participants also revealed that certain scents triggered their happy memories. 

Science has assigned an interesting name to the above-discussed process. It is called the Proustian Memory effect. According to this term, we tend to react more emotionally towards the scents than visual stimuli. For example, people who lose their loved ones, hold onto their clothes. They do so because the scent present in the clothes makes them feel connected to their beloveds. Pictures do provide a connection as such. Have you ever wondered why partners like wearing each other’s clothes? This is because wearing and smelling those clothes make them feel emotionally connected regardless of their physical presence. Similarly, people who experience devastating heartbreaks tend to hold on to the perfumes their partners wore because although they are no longer there smelling like them makes the separation bearable and significantly reduces the hurt less.

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Moreover, it is seen that people who suffer from separation anxiety can also greatly benefit from this phenomenon. Using the perfume their loved one’s use, makes them feel like they never got separated from their loved ones and they are closer to them. This can work wonders for people living away from their families and homes and miss their families. 

A fragrance-based first impression is a real thing. These impressions have been successful in landing a job or a partner but they go beyond that as well. It has been proven by science that when you smell good, you increase your chances of social interaction and appear more approachable to others. When this happens, your prospects of receiving support and help from others are doubled. As pleasant odours provoke pleasant feelings, thereby, lifting your mood. 

Undoubtedly, it is amazing to wonder how marvelous scents can be

It is understandable now why a majority of people think of perfumes as a gift when thinking of gifting something. But choosing a perfume is not an easy task because as it is evident now that everyone has a different taste based on their preferences. Some people like fruity smells while others cannot even stand them. While some people like bold and cold smells and it may not be to the best of liking for others.

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There also exists another interesting diversity, some women like men’s perfume while some men like to wear females’ perfumes. This is where things get interesting. Scientists wonder why that is the case! The answer to the question is simple, scents do not have a gender. Men and women can use each other’s perfume. But this dichotomy exists and it is mostly created by the big brands. However, there are is no compulsion to abide by the said dichotomy. You can wear any scent you want. 

There are infinite fragrances produced and marketed around the world. So, finding a perfect perfume for your loved one Is no less difficult than finding a needle in the haystack. This is what this article is going to do for you, it will provide you with all the necessary things to keep in mind while buying a perfect perfume for your dear ones. It will guide you from searching for the right perfume to purchasing it. So, read along. 

Have A Sneak Peek at The Perfumes They Already use? 

Well, some harmless spying is always alright as long as no privacy is breached. If the recipient of your gift is going to be someone whom you have just met like a potential partner, then things can get slightly tricker. Because if you have not known each other for long, getting a sneak is hard. But don’t worry, you can try by subtly asking them. For example, you two are at a dinner and she smells nice, you can trick her into giving you the perfume name by genuinely complimenting her, given that if you truly mean it. 

Try A Gift Set 

A gift set is a modern way to experiment with scents. It consists of a set of perfume bottles, each with a different fragrance. This makes it relatively easier for the giver as well as the recipient. A gift set will help the receiver to have as many options. They can wear scents based on their mood. For example, bold scents at a dinner party or if its day time then something light and subtle would be perfect.

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These mini bottles will provide the wearer a chance to experiment with a variety of scents and develop a list of favourites. 

Choose Scents with High Level of Perfume Oil

Things like skin texture, sebum production, hormones, and pH of our skins play a deciding role in determining how the smell will come out and how long will it last. This is why it is important to opt for a perfume that has a high amount of perfume oil to ensure the longevity of the perfume. 

Play Safe by Opting Vanilla or Soft Florals 

The fragrance of vanilla has been linked with calming effects. Smelling helps you calm down and normalizes your heartbeat in case you feel anxious. It is also considered to have warm and comforting tones. 

If you are looking for a perfume to give to someone and you are not sure about their taste, then go for vanilla fragrances because softer tones are liked by almost everyone. They are subtle and not overpowering, so no harm. 

Keep In Mind the Personality of The Recipient 

Initially, perfumes were used for masking body odour but now deodorant has taken up that role. In today’s time perfumes have become a means of self-expression. People around the world select perfumes based on their personal preferences. The latter concept applies to the recipient preference too. If you are buying for your friend’s 20th birthday, then try to picture his traits and see if these two can work. You can play safe by being gender-specific, for example, gift males from their fragrances section but that would be very generic and involves no thoughtfulness. A gift has to be thoughtful otherwise it is no gift at all. 

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What Does Your Scent Say About You? 

It is quite an intriguing concept to know about. As discussed above, scents are a means of self-expression. This means that our fragrances speak thousands of words about us as people

Below, we are going to discuss some types of scents and what are the personality traits of their wearers. 

Aquatic Fragrances

These are the kind of fragrances with salty and marine vibes. Aquatic scents smell like sea wind and just like that these are subtle, cold, and breezy. It is said that people who wear such scents are considered themselves dreamers. Such people present a cool and calm demeanour. They are free-spirited just like water but extremely wise and intellectual. 

Oriental Fragrances

Oriental scents include musky, warm, and lively scents. If you use these scents then you are most likely to be a night person, you stay up late. You are likely to be very confident and self-assured. It can also show that you do not shy away from being yourself and owning yourself. 

Floral Fragrances

If you like the smell of Lilly, jasmine and like wearing them on a day-to-day basis, then you are most probably a woman, and if not then someone with an effeminate side. You are sensitive. You like to express yourself as much as you can. This can also mean that you are a very down-to-earth and grounded person with a carefree nature and difficult to please. 

Gourmand Fragrances

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The fragrances with a ting of chocolate, berries, vanilla, almond, and honey can be termed as gourmand scents. They itch your sweet tooth and make you want to have something sweet right away but if you are strong enough to sustain that, then these fragrances are perfect. People, who wear these scents are very lively and likable just like chocolates? Who doesn’t like chocolates?

Why Is It Worth Spending Money on Perfume Packaging?

We all know perfumes are an expensive and precious commodity. When you can spend a lot of thoughtfulness in finding the right perfume for your loved one then why not package it in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and durable. This is where perfume packaging box manufacturer comes in handy. Since perfumes are fragile and extremely volatile so it is advisable to pack them in a strong box and contain proper storage space for the perfume. It is also necessary to use good quality cardboard for packaging. You surely do not want it to break down if it falls off from the hands of your loved one. Another reason why a durable packaging box is required is due to the sentimental value attached to the perfume. As it is going to be a gift, maybe the recipient wants to keep it with himself forever. To do this, perfumes should have a long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing packaging box. 



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