The hummingbird humming its way to the top!

Cute HummingBird Goggle from Google

As per the general encyclopedia, hummingbird are the trochilidae family type of birds found to be as small as 7.5 cm only! The larger ones may reach the length of 13 cm though but that too is VERY small for a normal human psyche.
On the other hand Google algorithm experts thought maybe penguins and pandas have been criticised a lot already so why not give it a sugary spicy touch by changing the ENGINE altogether and calling it HummingBird!
That is what Google’s goggle’s had to say when they were asked about the newest most user-friendly algo to date. They said we haven’t touched the car, it is the same as it used to be. Maybe Mercedes and Aston Martin should be classified here. They further added that the car’s engines have been changed. I wonder what that meant as if 2013 was never their best year or maybe they wanted to end the consumer hatred especially amongst the SEO specialists.
All in all my views about the latest goggles from Google seems like people like us (the readers, writers, and astronomers) should cherish the fact thatt we will be getting REAL-TIME qualitative views thanks to the later. This time onwards, RVD’s frogsplash and John Cena’s FU would not give us Wikipedia’s frog-related page and the slang word FU’s edited meaning, repectively. But from now onwards we will be getting the real WWE’s homepage with both these stars calling for more Twitter and Facebook LIKES! Go give it a try; you’ll most probably end up liking Google’s experts just like me! Cheers to 2013.
My personal predictions say that the start of the next year won’t be as exciting though. because the new “Engine” from Google would need some maintenance check-up like every other vehicle around the block. So stay tuned for spare part changes coming this January. Hope you like the new car from Google!

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