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Innovation is at its peak; that is for sure! As we enter the second last month of 2019, another year passes by, and the logo design industry shows no signs of old age. Logo designers are responsible for more, rather than just depicting the brand identity. They empower brands to use imagery to edify, notify and convince the audience. The logo design industry is evolutionary since it displays rapidly changing design styles. You should know the changes in your industry. If you are not aware of the trends, then we believe you can be in trouble. To develop brand value, you are required to come up with ideas that can give your logo design a sense of novelty and fascination.

Design experts have hypothesized that logo designers like to experiment to lure us towards brands. They often come up with the element of surprise. Inspiration is mainly required to help you come up with a logo design that is trendy enough. Designers nowadays do observe the previous trends to come up with fascinating art. 2019 was, however, filled with appreciation towards the utilization of color and using new styles. We believe it will be the same for the year 2020, where the trends of 2019 would be further followed. Your primary objective should be to accept new idea designs that are merely consistent with the changing business landscape.

Why are trendy logo designs important?

Imagine: your logo has a chance of a few seconds to give an impression. A worst-case scenario would be that a viewer may not view your logo for more than 50 milliseconds. Now that is something to think about. Logo designs now play an imperative role in deliberating what your brand means. The absence of a trendy design may cause you problems against your competitors and your business would not survive in today’s cut-throat competition.

Shifts in modern culture are inevitable as to the way we interpret symbols. Attention must be paid towards the patterns, typography, and the texture of the design. The contemporary time requires your brand to have an aesthetic feel. According to marketing gurus, your logo is required to reflect your brand values and attributes. Your logo guides your target audience and lays a foundation for your business against your competitors. Remember that your logo is required to be competitive. Possessing a trendy logo is effective against competitors for an extended period.

If you want your logo to give a noteworthy feel, you need to pay attention to the evolving trends. An accurate prediction of the logo design will proactively allow you to gain dominance to what lies ahead. Designers are now overcoming limitations to new styles and colors. However, we have focused on educating you on the top 10 logo designs that will continue from 2019 to 2020. We believe that these logo designs will help you create a brand identity.

1. Purposeful color

2. Variable logo design pattern

3. Elevated negative space

4. Change in minimalism

5. Logos with pedigree

6. Detailed Maximization

7. Elements that are overlapping

8. New Age geometry

9. Logos tricky for the eye

10. Omitting redundant details

Purposeful color

You must be aware of the fact that your logo will be viewed at various platforms. Brands are required to have logos that establish a strong connection with multiple types of customers. A purposeful color logo is responsible for using a combination of colors. Research proves that it has psychological implications and consists of subtle brand messages.


If you wish to communicate with your client, your logo can consist of different color schemes. Let us take an example of the famous food chain: McDonalds. Have you seen the extensive use of red and yellow? Do you know what it represents? The rationale for using red is that it evokes a feeling of hunger and appetite for fast food. Yellow, on the contrary, triggers a feeling for contentment and friendliness.

Choosing the right colors for your logo can be a basis for customer attention. The trend will continue next year since it will convey the meaning of the brands. It will provide purpose to your brand and let it stand out against others.

Variable Logo Design


If you have any idea what dynamic logos are then you’re in for a treat. Variable logo design similarly follows the same concept. They are responsible to be appealing to a wide range of audiences, and an alteration in appearance may lead to target various groups of people. It is not necessarily imperative to stick to only one logo; you can modify and add a movement to it. A dynamic topography and thorough customization can assist you in establishing a vital link with the needs of your customers.

Experts suggest that personalizing your logo can lead to an increase in annual revenue. Take for instance the logo of Sulliwan Studio. The designers, cognizant with how the typography of the logo cannot be altered, utilized pictograms to create an experience that the customers could connect to. It is essential with essence! Along with assuring that the logo could undergo frequent changes as required, prolific designers keep a minimalist approach on the go. If, for example, the brand needs to print a black and white pamphlet of some sort, the logo still delivers!

The flexibility of variable logo design is something that you can desire. You can easily personalize your affiliation with your customer. We believe it will be a logo design trend that will be followed in 2020. You can expect logos in 2020 to be more flexible and adaptable.

Elevated negative space


What comes into your mind when we say a pink elephant? You would think about one. The purpose of the negative space is to develop an automatic response in mind. No space should be left untouched, as it can whither into any perspective. Many notorious brands such as FedEx intelligently make use of the “space.” The gap between the E and X of the FedEx logo is a brilliant example. The arrow in between shows the value of the brand and depicts a subliminal message.

Change in minimalism

It is okay to question if minimalism is trendy or a need. The design has been present for long enough and has affected the design landscape. It still creates waves of interest. Experts consider it less a style, but a message that can leave a long-lasting impression on the viewer. One of the contemporary examples is ‘Pulpo Gallery.’ The logo consists of two pieces, tentacles and black ink. It helps in amplifying the effect of the logo.


Logos with pedigree

Brands often favor decisions that focus on genuineness over notoriety. They pursue the element of trustworthiness and classic designs. The logo is required to be timeless and deliberates the history of the brand. Stella Artois is one brand that has made minor changes in their logo over the years. Logos that follow a touch of traditional and vintage textures are trendy. We expect the same to continue in the coming years as well.

Detail Maximization


Designers express their imagination to the fullest when designing a logo. They often come up with an impressive picture of the brand. Their attention is more inclined towards the details of the logo. Let us take an example of the logo of Mumford and Sons, which consists of a Pegasus. The logo of the brand provokes many thoughts and displays great detail. It shows a remarkable description of the brand. A viewer can get the basic knowledge of what the brands stand for. The information on the logo are vast, continuous lines from the crest of the Pegasus to its heels, which is astounding.

Elements that are overlapping

2019 has displayed many designs with overlapping elements. If you view such designs you may observe the way opacity is utilized. It is a construct used to attract your consumer’s glance. What we believe 2020 will follow will be the application of geometry and color. Taking the example of the Truman logo, we can learn of the experimentation by designers with opacity and geometry.

Logos tricky for the eye


Designers often develop logos which deceive the eyes. The customer’s enthusiasm for visual tricks is what keeps the logo design alive. This creative design will particularly dominate the logo design market in 2020. It is an innovative practice that is disruptive and acceptable in logo design. Take the example of the Australian company EdgeBoard, where the E and B are conjoined, if you observe the B, it looks as if its placed on the other side of the wall. The example perfectly fits since it reflects the name of the business and plays tricks on the eyes.

Omitting details

Don’t get confused with the name. It doesn’t merely mean the elimination of essential information. We believe that the purpose of this trendy design is to make the logo more memorable. Gaps are essentially made in the logo. They play a trick on the human brain; however, the brain is easily able to fill the gaps and produce a complete picture. This is another design trend that will continue in 2020 from 2019.  Do pay heed to the challenge this design holds. You do not need to overdo it. Just try maintaining readability.

We can expect next year to be exciting and innovative for the logo design landscape. These designs will shape the logo design industry and would provide solutions to your brands. All you require is to choose a trend that will increase the attention span of the viewer. It is your consumer who needs to understand the brand message your logo is deliberating. There are other trendy designs as well that can have an effect on your logo; however, these ten designs will be widely used in 2020. 2020 is an exciting year that awaits and will be evolutionary for the logo design business.



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