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There’s been a massive abundance of electric cars in recent times, and nearly all the leading car manufacturers are introducing their imagination of the perfect electric car. The world has been gradually moving towards renewable energy in many sectors, and electric cars are no less than a big piece of that giant puzzle. It’s a noteworthy fact that the electric car race has made car producers think beyond the threshold of speed and innovate the basic dynamics of the automobile industry.

The participation of the key global automobile manufacturers in this race is no surprise, with manufacturers like Ford, Hummer, Audi, and Mercedes moving towards a long-awaited dream of converting their automobile fleet into a fully electric powerhouse. The identical factor in all of these carmakers is that they are either at a point where they are testing prototypes or in a phase where they can’t match the top speed bar that has been set long ago by Tesla, the American electric vehicle market leader. There have been different Chinese vehicle makers that have largely relied on the fast-growing China electric motor manufacturer network, but they have not been able to have such impact as their American counterparts.

When we speak of the leading car manufacturers, one name that has laid its foundation on the gamble of electric cars is the billion-dollar tech giant, Tesla, which has been a paradigm of the ultimate standard in the electric vehicle industry. The key factor that has made Elon Musk’s dream a vivid reality is the commitment that it shows towards the dream of a fully electric future. The ambitious Tesla is a corporation that goes a step ahead of other electric car competitors.

It is a fact that before the formation of Tesla, there weren’t any prominent players in the market, and the company has set new standards for the industry to thrive in a new direction. It should be brought under consideration that even with the induction of years old car manganates, Tesla as a brand enjoys an undisputed monopoly on the electric automobile landscape and continues to induct different features into the ecosystem that are in their own league.

The American technology giant has developed its unique identity within and outside the U.S, being the owner of almost 79% electric car market in America. The unique brand persona that Musk’s start-up enjoys has given a real tough time to the newcomers as they are unable to match the network that is dominated by the Tesla brand on a relatively large spectrum. The large network of Tesla has helped them make their distribution setup customer-centric which also has benefited the market value that Tesla enjoys in different parts of the world.

The innovation-driven mindset has provided Tesla a wide spectrum that helps the company understand the norms and requirements of today. Tesla as a brand has a defined direction in which it drives like a bullet train. It’s safe to say that the unapologetic Apple-like attitude and marketing strategies have forced Tesla’s competitors to follow the norms that the electric vehicle giant has put in place. The globally recognized electric car maker has set a precedent that is a torch-bearer for the rest of the competition in the global market.

Tesla’s rigid approach for their diverse fleet has pushed the loyal fanbase to be confined in an ecosystem that offers them everything that they expect from their dream electric vehicle. The innovative approach has made Tesla try new things such as their ‘indestructible’ Cyber Truck that today gives competition to Ford 150 and the HummerEV, which are established yet far from what Tesla is offering in the market. The market cap of Tesla has been increasing with each passing day, helping the corporation to grasp the maximum market share.

One of the key participants in the astonishing success of Tesla is the profound of its CEO, Elon Musk, who has used every possible medium to ensure that the global electric vehicle giant remains under the spotlight. Elon’s personality has been a major propeller for the company to gain as much popularity as possible, and it works as it should in their favor.

Tesla enjoys an undisputed edge over the emerging markets that have been tapping the full potential of electric vehicles at different market levels. The state-of-the-art mechanical support that the Tesla network provides in some of the main EV hubs is a testimony of the commitment that the company has towards its services. It can be said that the presence of Tesla has made an environment that urges the leading car makers to join the platform to provide a diverse range of electric vehicles that can have a lasting impact on the larger consumer base.

There are far many things than just the top speed that makes the Tesla models more than an electric vehicle. Everything from the design element to the tiniest details helps the brand to dominate the global landscape like no other. Tesla knows the art of reinvention and continues to innovate the modern dynamics of a conventional vehicle.

The elements that we see in the real world have their core in the research and development resource of Elon’s brainchild. The greater understanding of the future needs and the consequences that might follow the course are the key elements that escort Tesla in keeping the monopoly intact at different levels.

Here are a few factors that make Tesla cars more than just electric vehicles.

Unconventional Interior

Tesla is infamous for introducing an unconventional interior in its fleet. The minimalistic approach that Tesla continues in its various models has made it a fan favorite. The interior is designed keeping the needs of the customers in mind and has tons of features that make the Tesla models one of their kind. The design is one of the elements that has driven Tesla’s ideology in a direction in which no other competitor exists at this point.

Software Updates

There was a point when software updates were limited to gadgets and smartphones, but Tesla has been known to improve the feature set of their existing fleet with timely updates that are an essential part of the Tesla ecosystem. The seamless software support allows the users to fix all the minor bugs that they might come across during the time they have the vehicle under their ownership.

The software support is responsible for optimizing each Tesla model to its best capabilities and let the users improve the experience by all means. Despite the fact that there are various older models of Tesla on the roads, but the company makes sure that they provide a considerable number of future updates to their clients so they can get the fully-loaded Tesla experience even if the hardware is outdated.

Charging Network

Tesla has its own SuperCharger network, which is the largest in the world with 25000 plus charging hubs. The charging network maintains its legacy as the fastest charging link that provides the fastest charging speeds. The benefit that Tesla enjoys is the number of chargers that it has erected all over the world, and no other competitor has such a vast number of charging stations. Tesla provides a network of 1000 plus chargers alone in the U.S and over 24000 all over the globe.

The speeds that these charging hubs provide are lightning-fast and can give you charging up to 200 miles in just 15 mins. The fast-growing charging network has been setting new standards for electric car makers and has encouraged them to provide identical resources to their loyal customers. Some of the car enthusiasts even just the support for the SuperCharger network to be universal so there could be a single resource that can be utilized by different carmakers.

Top speed

The top speed that different Tesla models provide is the limit that any car manufacturer is providing at the moment. The top-of-the-line model S offers a staggering top speed of up to 200 mph. The top-tier offering Model S can cruise 0 to 60 mph in just 1.99 seconds; that itself is a record-breaking barrier that hasn’t been conquered by any other carmaker in the electric department. The inferior model X provides a speed of 155 mph and can cruise 0 to 60 mph in just 3.8 seconds which is impressive compared to other automobile manufacturers that have just arrived in the electric vehicle circle.

Self Sufficiency

The major benefit that helps the Tesla brand dictate the market is the self-sufficiency that Tesla enjoys at almost every level. Tesla is famous for producing curated batteries for their models that help them optimize battery usage as the model gets older. The self-sufficiency has also helped the automobile giant to control every aspect of the manufacturing and maintenance so that they can provide the best possible customer service to their clients all over the world.

User Interface

The entire user interface of a Tesla is based on an impressive display that provides multiple functions. The user interface offers features like real-time GPS, multimedia controls, system management, and locking controls. The smooth user interface is something that makes Tesla distinguish itself from the competitors as the interface keeping improving with periodic system updates.

The interactive aspect of it is quite simple as it is designed to be user-friendly and to offer maximum functionality with an ultra-modern all-touch system. The unique user interface offers mobility and ease at one glance allowing the driver to take control of the entire setup. The best thing about the interface is the fact that it is also inclined towards the comfort of the passenger and provides features like automated screen support, dual climate control, and everything else that you can expect from a top-tier smart vehicle.



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