A Writer’s Insight on Writing Tips and Tricks!

For an appetizer, be fresh when you first sit on the desk with your laptop or desktop pc to become the entrepreneur of your Very FIRST Article! A fresh mind works 220 % faster than a mind that is intervened with random issues. Okay, when you read the line above this one you should keep in your mind that 220 % is most probably made by myself only! Sleep on time and wake-up time for that matter to get the best of you. Read on to find out what made the Krunchy Siblings so popular in the writing world.

New fabulous writing

Write something new for more views!

Basically earning views is part of a very large plan which is of zero value at first but that becomes automatically achievable once you show what it gets to get high-time readers falling onto your plates! Readers want to know more. That does not mean you should start writing anonymous foolish stuff but give them something that you are an expert in. For example, I personally am very fond of recent tech and you can probably call me a geek on this one. But the fact of the matter is that whenever I will share something on the latest tech, it would be MY THOUGHTS and that is what users want!


Be innovative and start creating…

That does not mean we should start day-dreaming but it actually refers to the mind again; just with more usage, however! When you use your gray matter, you will automatically be grasping more ideas than you can certainly imagine at first. For starters, go with the favorite cartoons that you loved the most or still do (like me). Swat Cats was one of my chart-toppers and I still watch it all over again whenever it falls onto my weekend-only TV (that is the only time I actually watch TV). Being innovative means “to bring out the best in ourselves” – such as Einstein. He was one heck of a jaw-breaker which is what I got to know recently after a book I read about the greatest thinkers of all time!


This small phrase is one of my honeybuns! Used especially on social networks, the full-form means “Rolling on the Floor Laughing”. Why did I use it here? Let me be clear. The readers want to be entertained while being given knowledge. Too much of it can always get boring so go for humorous phrases and pull legs at times when too much is written. This is what I learned when I was writing my first thesis. Although it was rejected my supervisor gave me a thumbs up for being different, and of course, unique!

A picture speaks louder than words

At times you feel like writing but words stop forming in your brain! That is the one-time ‘Bing’ images (Google and Yahoo are good too but I prefer Bing) will come in handy. A picture will definitely help you write what you need to when times of dire awkwardness! Dryness gets washed away with water, which is the case with our brains, too! Once the road sets straight, the words will AUTO-MAGICALLY start flowing in like they were always sitting behind the back seat, waiting to be unveiled! Pick an image that you love and speak your mind out: through words, obviously.

RIP tom clancy

Be more YOU!

Instead of copying stuff from elsewhere, go for the words that your mind tells you. What do you think made Sydney Sheldon, J. K. Rowling, Dan Brown, and John Grisham stand out of the crowd? It was their uniqueness that was created by THEM only. Take this sole article for an example (without a pinch of salt) and think for a second about it being so haphazardly written. I love to be me! That is what sets me apart from the rest of the masses; because I am me. Show that attitude in your words. Got anger hidden inside of you because someone hurt you badly? WRITE it! Put it in their faces by subscribing to a school (or college for that matter) magazine or pamphlet and write your story.

write again and again

Make it a third-person POV

The summarised POV refers to point-of-view, not what you were thinking! SocioFab is a user-friendly blog not what your Satan part wants it to become!

Anyway coming back to the point, the written piece of matter should always be neutral or else one side (maybe unintentionally) will get heavier than the other one and your reader might get pinched on the wrong side of the corners. Write good but be bad as well; and when your mind tells you to be bad, put some goodness within your thoughts every time so that the balance of your Brain and this world stays straight with optimum perfection.