Hell on Earth – Child Labour!

Child Labour
Children Begging

Does it not torment your eyes when you see a kid walking on our rugged streets bare-footed?

Do you not feel helpless when a kid of the same age as that of your own child begs for money?

Does it not tear your heart apart when a kid is pushed away while he asks people for food?

Do those kids not have a heart, or are they so sinful that they should be handed a begging bowl instead of colouring books?

Think for a worthwhile minute before answering those questions: where are those poor little innocent creatures at fault if they are born in a poor family? Does it mean they are not worthy of food, education and love?

There are a thousand million such questions eagerly waiting to be answered with answers that do justice to those poor souls. They are no less human than the kids playing in our backyard are. They are no less human than the kids sleeping on our beds located in our air-conditioned rooms are. They are no less human than the children who play in the play-area of Mcdonald’s.

Seeing those innocent children begging for food and money, my eyes tear up. It feels like hell on earth. It is even worse when those kids get into drugs. Yes! A 12-year-old smoking cigarette, in fact people have gone so far to prove themselves heartless and inhumane that they hand them over those injections filled with I-don’t-even-want-to-name-what-it-is.

Who is responsible for all of this? Each one of us is responsible for it. You cannot just blame inflation for it, nor can you blame the system for it. It is you and I. We give our children mighty zingers while shooing away those little angels away when they ask for food, without even thinking for a millisecond. It won’t get any better unless you play your role towards it.

What your role is?

It is no less than giving up a pizza for once. Give up on a pizza, have curry and the money you save from it, feed a hungry or give them to the needy. For you they are just money, for them it is much more than that.

Your role is to give up on the movie tickets of the lately released Prisoner and give the money you saved from it to the poor and needy.

Your role is to travel in public transport in place of your luxurious car and the money you saved by saving on your car’s fuel, give it to the poor kid sitting on the street.


Trust me it is the best feeling in the whole world. Stop blaming others, you play your part and insist your peers on playing theirs and evident this world becoming a better place to live in.