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Jewellery is one of the most important accessories that different people combine with their choice of clothing to level up their outfit of the day. There are people who are extremely conscious about the type of jewellery that they put on and how it would look depending on each outfit. One thing that is often neglected is the fact that the packaging from which the jewellery comes has an important part in the decision-making process of customers, and brands realize this fact like no other. There are various jewellery brands that have put extra effort in the process of designing the packaging of the jewellery items as they know that they can easily use elegant packaging tactics to attract more customers. It is important to know that each category of jewellery has its designated packaging box, and the factor like size, design and shape might vary according to the type of jewellery that is being housed in a jewellery box. Some jewellery stores have their own iconic packaging material that makes them unique and distinguished from their competitors. The material used in the making of each jewellery box might also differ according to the design aesthetic decide by the jewellery store or the customer, as many of them opt for customizable options for different gifting purposes.

In recent times the demand for crafted jewellery boxes has skyrocketed as people have shifted their focus on the aesthetic part of the jewellery boxes and opted for unique designs that make their purchase look distinguished and interesting. The jewellery brands have gone a step ahead to fulfil the growing demand and addressing the needs of modern trends that have taken the jewellery market by storm.

The Role of Designing

The designing element has been a key contributor for the jewellery boxes as the designers have broken the barriers and have experimented with the latest designing tools to accommodate different customers. The jewellery stores seem to be in some kind of a race to beat the competition in terms of portability, design, uniqueness and providing their boxing styles with a touch of contemporary design.  There has been a large chunk of the world’s population that has been looking up to the customizable design options that allow them to take complete control of the appearance, material and size of different jewellery boxes.


The use of different types of material in the making of crafted jewellery boxes has been growing, and it has transformed the entire consumer market. Thejewellery circuit has been a massive transformation in the demands of the buyers in terms of material as they have taken a massive shift to the material that is far more stylish and durable than their predecessors. The customers have been seen inclining towards reliable and reusable packaging options such as acrylic boxes, wooden boxes and plastic boxes. The material used in the modern-day jewellery boxes allows the customers to be able to recycle the existing box and use it for different storage purposes.

Occasion Based Packaging

There has been a hype in demand for occasion-based packaging styles that have been introduced in thejewellery market. The occasion centricjewellery boxes allow the customers to use the material and colour aesthetic for the jewellery boxes that complement the theme of the occasion, and inmany cases, the customers are given full control over how they want to have theirjewellery boxes made according to the specific details that have provided to the jewellery box designers. There are options where the boxes are designed to meet the theme aesthetic of a certain occasion in mind, and everything follows the suite. The prices of these boxes might vary depending on the work that has been done to bring those boxes into their required form. Different jewellery suppliers provide various packages to the customers so they can satisfy their jewellery box needs according to their expectations.


In the recent past, the detailing element has taken a new tide in the jewellery box making as the designers and craftsmen spend hours to achieve the complex designs to fulfil the demands of each customer. The makers have started to rely on newer and advanced tools that help them to gain the perfection that is required to fulfil the present-day demands for a certain jewellery box.

In some cases where there is the use of metallic content in the making of jewellery boxes, the detailing might get a bit complicated as there are various procedures that take place in order to achieve the required designs. The metallic boxes have become immensely popular in the recent past as people have noticed the great amount of potential and reliability that these boxes offer. People often spend a great amount of money to have the required design printed, embossed or engraved on the surface of a metal box and to meet the needs, the jewellery box designers often rely on advanced computerized methods.


The finishing of different jewellery boxes plays a vital role in the presentation of the final product. The jewellery box makers use distinguished tools to achieve unique finishing demands that make their products aligned with the customer needs and helps them to try something new every time. Attention to detail plays a drastic role in this regard as elements like engraving, printing and embossing might come into play when it comes to the finishing of the jewellery box. There are various types of jewellery boxes that even use different fabrics, such as velvet, to gain the iconic premium feel so that the customers can get the best possible deal for the price that they pay. In the cases where wooden boxes are used as a base, there’s a major involvement of engraving where the designs are dictated by the distinguished needs of different customers.

Jewellery Box Ideas

There have been many designs of jewellery boxes that have dictated the jewellery buyer circle, and the innovations in these boxes keep emerging to facilitate the existing and new customers. The iconic and contemporary design elements in the modern jewellery box designs have evolved over the years and have provided a wide array of options and possibilities to the jewellery manufacturers as well as the customers. Some designs came year after year, and many recurred to become a few of the most favourites among the masses. The designated jewellery boxes are made according to the type of jewellery that they are supposed to house, and many jewellery makers provide specialized compartments to keep the jewellery safe and secure.  There has been a major design shift in the making of different boxes, but many have stayed intact over the years. The demand for new and innovative jewellery boxes have been present on the market’s surface, but the legacy of the classic designs has mainly dominated over the years. There have been many successful attempts to blend the contemporary designs with the timeless classics, which have given the jewellery boxes a brand new and distinguished identity. 

Here are few major jewellery box ideas with the key selling points that make them so popular.

Textured Jewellery Boxes

The textured jewellery boxes have been an all-time classic, and they have kept the demand increasing over the years. These jewellery boxes provide a unique texture that is often obtained by using different kinds of woods or fabric that provide a distinguished appearance to each box. The jewellery boxes are available in different sizes and offer great room for customizability depending on the customer’s demand. They can be used to store different types of rings and bracelets as they are often available with designated compartments for different kinds of jewellery products. The factor that makes their demand so consistent is the variations that they offer to each customer so that they can tweak the boxes according to their needs. The most common form of these boxes comes in rectangular or square shapes that are commonly used when it comes to house various types of jewellery, including earrings, anklets, rings, bracelets and necklaces. They can be made on-demand according to the dimensions provided by the customer, so they can have boxes according to their needs. They can also choose different colour combinations to go with the type of jewellery that they are purchasing.

Acrylic Jewellery Boxes

The acrylic boxes have become much of a trend in the year 2021 as people not only choose them for gift packaging but also reuse them as containers to keep different kinds of jewellery items. The acrylic boxes have won the hearts of the masses due to the robust form factor and the durability that they provide in the longer run. They can also be customized with different kinds of printing jobs that many jewellery box manufacturers provide at different prices. They can be made in different designs and size variations to house each type of jewellery properly and to retain the aesthetic touch that complements various types of jewellery. The acrylic boxes come in different options, and you can either get the ones that are made up of glass or plastic as it solely depends on your needs with the jewellery box.

Wooden Jewellery Boxes

The wooden jewellery boxes have been the holy grail for jewellery packaging purposes. The elegant design factor makes them a premium choice for customers when it comes to getting a perfect packaging option for the jewellery that they have purchased. The major purpose that these boxes serve is to be used for gifting purposes and also to help the customers to use the boxes as a container. The wooden boxes can also have different textures and engraving options according to the specific occasion and the type of wood that has been used in the making of the jewellery boxes. The wooden boxes have been one of the popular choices for the customers due to the versatility and durability that they offer to different customers.

Cardboard Jewellery Boxes

It might sound strange, but there has been a massive surge in the use of different cardboard boxes for keeping different watches and jewellery items. The cardboard boxes are relatively cheaper compared to the premium acrylic boxes and are made using high-quality material. There are many variants of cardboard boxes that can be found in the market at different prices, so you can pick the one that meets your requirements. The cardboard boxes are available in different designs, and many are available with the option of an upper flap that makes them look modern and unique. The versatility that these boxes offer has made them a major hit and a trendy pick when it comes to choosing boxes for jewellery packaging purposes. They have been commonly used for gifting purposes as they are stylish and appealing to most customers.

Metal Jewellery Boxes

The metal jewellery boxes have to be the most durable and stylish boxes ever introduced in the market. The uniqueness that they offer has made them an instant hit and a common choice for the packaging of various kinds of jewellery items. The metal boxes are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they offer a premium feel that might interest a large chunk of the people who are looking for options that are a bit different and versatile compared to the options that are available in the market. They provide excellent durability and are a perfect choice if you are planning to gift a precious jewellery item to a loved one or looking for something that you would be using to keep your precious belongings in the years to come. They often fall on the pricier side of the spectrum, and many of them might have a bit more weight than their other inexpensive counterparts. If you are in need of something different and long-lasting, then you can simply opt for one of the metal boxes. When you are out to get one of the metal-based jewellery boxes, then keep in mind that a jewellery packaging box manufacturer might charge you extra for things such as embossing, engraving and any other kind of personalization that you might get done on the metallic jewellery box.



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