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Many of us wear sneakers just because nothing else really goes well with our favorite pair of jeans but I guess it is about time we give ourselves a better reason for wearing sneakers in place of any other shoe. Bought a boring shoe because the attractive ones were way too out of your budget? Read ahead to find out what to do with it and how to make it the most wanted sneaker of all times. Below are 25 ways of how you can revamp your sneakers and fall in love with them.


  1. Glitter them up!

sneaker makeover 0.1


After seeing it, it is just so difficult for me to un-see it that I can no longer imagine it without the glitter on. Before this glitter, it looked plain boring. A pair of beige sneakers those were good only because they were a neutral shade. And now look at them. All set to catch everyone’s attention!


You will need;

  1. White Glue
  2. Masking tape
  3. Golden Glitter (approximately 2 ounce)
  4. A little sponge

Put a bunch of old newspapers of plastic bags inside the shoe. The areas where you do not want any glitter to reach cover it with masking tape. Now mix glitter with magic glue and I mean heaps of glitter. Cut a little piece of sponge and start applying the glitter-glue mixture with it on the shoe. Wait for it to dry and add another layer of the glitter-glue mixture if you desire.


  1. Add Sequins

sneaker makeover 21


Bought a pair of printed shoes but they don’t look as attractive as they looked at the shop? Not to worry. Add sequins at the top front of your sneakers and make them stand out. They look pretty BLING after adding sequins to it.


You will need;

  1. Gold sequins
  2. Sewing needle and thread
  3. Hand bandage


Make yourself a glass of milkshake because this is going to take some time. Cover your fingers with hand bandage. You need to cover them with a bandage because passing the sewing needle through the shoe is not an easy job but it will be worth it in the end. Now stitch the sequins to your shoe, one at a time.



  1. Glitter plus Studs

sneaker makeover 1


If you want to keep it neutral, you can use golden or silver studs and glitter or else you can opt for any other colour you desire.


To do this fun project you will need;

  1. Silver Glitter
  2. Silver Studs
  3. Magic glue
  4. Firm glue
  5. Scotch tape
  6. Sponge
  7. Old newspapers and plastic bags


Remove the laces and put some old newspaper pieces and/or plastic bags inside the shoe. Cover the sole with scotch tape. Paste the studs with glue that will hold them firm. Mix magic glue with glitter and sponge it on the shoe.



  1. Ribbon it up!

sneaker makeover 2


Lots of girls are guilty of having bought shoes that look like they were bought for a man. I did that too but then I replaced its laces with a girly ribbon; however the ones above are not mine. You can use a printed ribbon too.


You will need:

  1. Pair of shoes
  2. Ribbons

Take out the laces and put ribbons in place of it.


  1. Print or Paint

sneaker makeover 3


Printed sneakers are lately trending and there is no reason for you to not follow the trend. However the budget might be a problem, if you cannot find printed shoes to suit your budget. Buy a white pair of sneakers and some fabric paint to have some fun.


You will need;

  1. Paintbrush
  2. Sneakers
  3. Fabric paint
  4. Old newspapers

Start with stuffing old newspapers into the shoe. Paint your desired print on the shoe with the brush. Make sure the paint is thick enough to not spread.


  1. Add pointy studs to themSocioFab_sneaker-makeover-4



Such sneakers ready made will be too expensive to buy so buy a plain pair and have fun making them rock.


You will need;

  1. Gold studs
  2. A pair of sneakers
  3. Glue
  4. Ice cream stick (can be skipped)

Paste the studs, one at a time with the help of glue. This one will be easy. Have fun!



  1. Hole some spikes

sneaker makeover 5


To kick off with this you will have to buy a pair of boot sneakers and some metal spikes. This project is for boys who like to play it punk.


You will need;

  1. Pair of sneakers
  2. Metal Spikes
  3. Pliers

Make some holes into your boot sneakers with the help of pliers. Insert the spikes into the holes and fix them permanent.


  1. Dye paint

sneaker makeover 6

Take them school sneakers to another level with this fun DIY project. They are so easy to make that I just couldn’t resist.


You will need;

  1. Orange dye
  2. White cloth sneaker
  3. Baking soda
  4. Tooth brush

Remove the shoe laces. Dip the front of sneakers 1/3rd into the dye. Soak and spread it with an extra cloth piece. Hang it to dry. Clean soles later with a brush dipped into water and baking soda.


  1. Go cheetah!

sneaker makeover 7


Have a plain, single coloured pair of sneakers? Take them out; it is time to revamp them completely.


You will need:

  1. Black fabric paint
  2. Paint brush
  3. Old newspapers
  4. Scotch tape

Stuff the shoes with some old newspapers. Cover the areas you do not want to paint with a scotch tape. Paint the black areas first. Let it dry. Remove the tape and start with painting cheetah print now. Let it dry. Now be proud of yourself, wear them and admire them.


  1. Add heels to them

sneaker makeover 8


If you want to add heights to your shoes then here is how you will.

(Note: This will be quite much of a rough and touch project so you might want to protect your hands at first and then start.)


You will need;

  1. A pair of sole heels
  2. Pliers
  3. Metal nails
  4. Hammers

Remove the older sole of your shoe with the help of tools. Add heel to it with metal nails and hammer it to permanently fix it. You can also give it to the cobbler; he will easily do it while you might hurt your hand in the process.


  1. Block Paint

sneaker makeover 9


This looks pretty cool to me. These shoes can be worn at any casual day to look edgy and the best part is they can be worn with almost everything.


You will need;

  1. Paint of your desired colour
  2. Glitter (optional)
  3. Paint brush
  4. Old newspapers
  5. Scotch tape

Stuff the shoes with some old newspapers and get started. Remove the laces. Cover the areas you want to keep clean with a scotch tape. Paint and let it dry. You may mix glitter into the paint and achieve another different look. Enjoy looking edgy!



  1. Cut the front

sneaker makeover 10


To do this DIY project you will have to cut your sneakers at the front.


To do this you will need;

  1. Lace net
  2. Scissors
  3. Sewing needle
  4. Sewing thread

Remove the laces. Cut the flap of your sneakers completely off. Now stitch the lace net in place of those flaps with the needle. This will let air pass through your sneaker and keep it airy inside. It will also show your beautiful feet.


  1. Go neon!

sneaker makeover 11


Here is another way to pimp up your white sneakers into newer more trendy ones, the kind that picks all attention.


To execute this project you will need;

  1. Neon paint
  2. Old newspapers

Put your shoes on a newspaper. Stuff the newspapers inside as well. Remove the laces. Paint them neon and let them dry. Paint your laces too now. Let them both dry. DONE!


  1. Neon Laces

sneaker makeover 12


To revamp your shoe while not completely overdoing it, you can replace its laces with these neon laces. Neon shades catch attraction even if there is a hint of it anywhere. This will give your sneakers a newer edge and you will definitely like it. You can even do it to your school shoes. You can find these laces at the nearest craft store or you can find them online.



  1. Colourful Laces

sneaker makeover 13


Here is another idea to replace your sneakers’ laces and revamp it without wasting a lot of time and energy on it. I am sure everyone has the time to be able to replace their shoe laces at least. Remove the older laces and replace them with a colour that goes in contrast of your shoe colour to make them a little more attractive because sometimes a little goes a very long way.


  1. Zebra Print Makeover

sneaker makeover 14


You can do this to your boot sneakers as well as your normal sneakers and they do not necessarily have to be white in colour.


You will need:

  1. Black paint
  2. Glitter (optional)
  3. Masking tape
  4. Old newspapers

To give them a complete makeover, first stuff the sneakers with some old newspaper. Tear the masking tape into long random pieces and stick to your shoe. Cover the sole with tape too. Now paint the shoe with black fabric paint. Let it dry. Remove the masking tape from all over the shoe and evident the masterpiece yourself.


  1. Top-Down Zip

sneaker makeover 15


Here, all you have to do is add a Zip to make your sneakers look more edgy and fierce.


You will need;

  1. Zip
  2. Sewing tools
  3. Glue (optional)

You will cut the zip into the required the length. Cut a piece out from the side of your shoe. Insert the zip into the shoe and stitch it in place. You can also stick the zip with the help of glue. Do whatever you find more convenient.


  1. Star lace

sneaker makeover 16


Who thought of doing this with their shoes laces before? I always thought of tying my laces into a different shape but I never really got accomplished, let alone making a star shape out of. You will not need any extra products to do this so no list for this one. Just zoom into the picture and follow the lead. To show the star, however, you will have to tie the knot above your ankle.


  1. Make it new

sneaker makeover 17


Have a pair of sneakers which is just your favourite and you just can not give up on it? Good, because we have a way to make it new again. You do not have to give up on it. Wash the shoe cloth with your everyday use washing powder. The sole will most likely not be as good as new again. Don’t give up just yet. Clean the sole with toothpaste. Apply toothpaste all around the sole and brush it clean, as clean as new.


  1. The Beckham Gold Shoe

sneaker makeover 18


There was a time when David Beckham’s gold shoe was all over the news and up for donation. Everybody was going crazy over getting their own gold shoe and the time has still not passed.  The good news is now you can have yours at the comfort of home.

You will need;

  1. A pair of shoes off course
  2. Gold spray paint
  3. Old newspapers
  4. Scotch tape

Remove the shoe laces. Stuff the shoes with a newspaper and keep them on another newspaper. This will keep your floor from getting all golden with the spray. Spray on it with your hands distant from the shoe. Let it dry. Remove newspapers and tape. Put the laces back into place. Wear them and be good fan of Beckham.


  1. Gold studded sneakers.

sneaker makeover 19


To get ahead with this project, it will be ideal if your shoe is made of a shiny smooth material. Here in the picture we have slip on(s), you can do it to any other shoe as well depending on your wish.


You will need;

  1. Gold studs
  2. Gold spray paint
  3. Glue
  4. Scotch tape
  5. Old newspapers

Stuff your shoes with some old newspapers. Cover the sole with a scotch tape. Keep them on an opened newspaper. Spray with gold spray with your hands a little distant from the shoes. Let it dry. Add the studs with the glue to the shoe with equal spacing in between.



  1. Sequins on the sides

sneaker makeover 20


Make your shoe a little more BLING!


You will need;

  1. Sequins
  2. Pair of shoes
  3. Glue
  4. Sewing needle and thread

To stitch the sequins directly on to the shoe is a tough process so we have an alternative. The places where you want to add your sequins at, take its measurement on a cloth piece. Stitch the sequins into that cloth piece. Fold the piece at the corners and stick it on the shoe. You are done!


  1. Solution for the stink

sneaker makeover 22


We all are guilty of having shoes those stink but never really knew a solution for it other than wearing socks inside. Baking soda is here to save the day. To rid your shoes off of the stinky smell, you will need generous amounts of baking soda. Sprinkle baking soda all over the inside of your shoe. Let it sit for a day. Remove any excess at the sink and check. It will not be as stinky as before I assure. Repeat if required.


  1. Stud the Flap!

sneaker makeover 23


A newly bought single coloured shoe is not a problem anymore. We have a lot of ways to pimp them up now. Another one is to add studs only at certain small areas of the shoe and not all over it. You can add some sequins and studs on the front only, you can add them at the flap only or you can add them at the back only. Depends on how you like it.


  1. Gladiator Sneakers

sneaker makeover 24


Looks hot no? I know it does. Gladiator shoes are always so hot. To do this project,


You will need;

  1. A pair of shoes
  2. Sharp blades
  3. Hand bandage

Cover your fingers with the bandage. Fold the flap inwards, as in as possible. Cut the shoe from the desired areas to create that gladiator effect. Discover a sexier pair of sneakers.


  1. Cut and Lace it up!

sneaker makeover 25


Are you ready to cut your favourite shoes? You better be.


You will need;

  1. Scissors or blade
  2. Lace net
  3. Stitching needle and thread

If you will be using blade then cover your fingers with a bandage for safety precautions. Now cut the shoe. Put the net in place and stitch it in place. It will look more feminine with the net in place and your feet showing from inside.


This is all for today. If you face any problems while executing these DIY projects, you can always leave it in the comments section and I will help you with it as far as I can.

Let me know how it goes for you!

– Orby Cooper



The Krunchies are here do not Fear! Everything is amusing and fabulous, from tech to shoes to bracelets and droplets. These two know no boundaries when sharing their favourite knowledge on food, tech, and all the wearables. They're smart, and they're cute!

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