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Like a restaurant’s facet, which attracts customers, your logo design captivates the targeted audience for you. Today, all brands, no matter what niches they belong to, be it the food industry, construction, etc., consists of a unique logo design. This unique feature not just separates one brand from another, but it also showcases the timeline of the era in which the emblem was designed.

Logos of every era are endorsed with the special element of that time. For instance, a century back, people were obsessed with 3D computer logos, then animated logos came into power. Recently, minimalistic logo designs are the hottest trend.

Trends change and evolve; we as humans are never satisfied with one thing. We strive for change, which is a big reason why the companies that do not transpire with time always stagger. You must have heard about several companies that were popular a decade ago. Are they still as famous now? No, right? A significant reason behind this question, why brands die, is because they deny growing with change. As a result, people get attracted to emerging brands and leave behind ones that choose to linger.

Old Computer Logos Designs and Brand Consistency

It is indeed a proven fact that brand consistency is vital. When the audience knows what to expect from your company, be it in the form of a positive experience, valuable customer service, or a stable product, they are likely to return. Being consistent signifies professionalism, stability, and clarity from your side. It instills the idea in your customers that you are confident about your services.

However, being consistent does not mean you cannot change the way of promoting our brand. Take this example; do you not get bored of watching the same advertisement over and over? There comes a time when you get so done by watching the same ad that you switch the channel immediately after it pops-up on your screen, or click on skip Ad as soon as the option dips in! The same happens with your logo design. After watching them repeatedly for a period of time, your audience gets fed up. That’s the time to surprise them with a new logo design and become the center of attraction.

All big and famous brands have been following the same technique of rebranding. For ages, they are getting their old computer logos revamped. The truth behind logo evolution is that a logo cannot stay relevant forever. As technology gets advance, the design sensibilities also change. Henceforth, companies devise their old logo designs and mold them into the latest trend of the present time. Let us look at how some of the famous companies have evolved their computer logo designs over time.

Xerox, est. 1906

Xeros – the brand associated with printers and scanners. It was first known as Haloid Photographic Company, in 1950, its name changed to Haloid Xerox, and finally, as we know it, “Xerox.”

Since the time the brand was formed, they changed their logo a total of eight times. It is a big number because several old brands that were formed in the 20th century barely get their logos revamped once or twice. At first, the logo was a hand-made sketch. Then it was designed with heavy detailing, which continued in the next three logos. Finally, with time they evolved towards simple logos. Now we see the most minimalistic logo design from Xeros.

Intel, est. 1968

Intel has always stayed with a single colored logo. However, the company redesigned its logo thrice from the time it was established. From Intel to intel inside to intel again, today we have the most advanced yet the simplest logo from this tech-giant. The emblem we see today does not contain any additional design; it is as simple as it could be. Hence being the easiest “computer logos” design to remember.

Apple, est. 1977

Now comes the company that is everyone’s favorite – Apple. It started with one of the most detailed logo designs. Their first logo interrelates with the time when the apple fell from the tree when Einstein was sitting beneath it.

Next, they revamped their logo entirely. The new logo design consisted of an apple’s image, as we see today. However, the logo was colorful, which showcased how emblems of that time were appreciated.

As we moved forward, Apple again revamped its logo to the metallic, 3D effect. And finally, there is this minimalistic logo design.

Well, all logo designs have gone through some change. The change showcases that the company is customer-centered and is willing to adapt to new strategies that attract more clients. Now, this brings us to a conclusion.

Final Thoughts for Upcoming Computer Logos!

Logo designs have always evolved. In the beginning, it was just the name of the company. Then it was realized that the name was not enough, and the image was also required to distinguish similar brands. With time logos became the most important feature to attract customers. Finally, as we see now, we have the simplest form of logo designs. They are easy, simple, but memorable.

So, which logos, according to you, are the best? Tell us in the comments below.



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