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Aluminum sliding doors and windows bring great enhancement to your house or office or wherever you have installed them and also give a contemporary touch to that area. The sliding windows and doors are not only attractive but are also highly durable and corrosion-resistant. It makes your view even brighter and reduces the amount of heat in your room. Besides, they also cut the additional noises in your surrounding that irritates you. These aluminum sliding windows and doors made by the professional anodize aluminum profile manufacturers have an incredible locking system with additional safety features as well.

Installing and maintaining these premium quality Aluminum sliding windows properly can certainly extend their life. Here you would explore how to install and maintain these robust sliding windows and doors so that they can last for even 45 years.

Steps to Install the Aluminum Sliding Doors and Windows

If you install these Aluminum sliding windows and doors accurately, it would require the least maintenance in the future. To install them accurately and precisely, you would need the tools, including a hammer, wooden packers, safety glasses, set square, ear muffs, tape measure, spirit level, and a drill, as well as the two materials, of course, the aluminum window/door and the screws. 

Step#1 Take Measurements of the Window

The first step is to take all the measurements of the wall or site you are going to install the sliding window/door. Take the measurements of the window and door as well, of their height and length, to make sure if they are going to fit rightly in that place. Double-check if the height and length measurement of the windows/doors is matched to the place you need to install them. The accurate measurements are important because even a slight difference can have an overall bad impact on the quality and the beauty.

Step#2 Lift the Aluminum Window/Door into Place

You would need the help of at least two people in this step as it would require you to lift the window/door and keep it in the installation place. Now, as you have lifted the window/door, check if it could fit perfectly there and there is proper space for sliding. Position it into the inside wall next.

Step#3 Check If it is Levelled

As soon as you have positioned the aluminum door/window, you need to make sure now if it is leveled. Here you would need your spirit level tool and keep it on the window ledge to check if it is flat. If you need to surge it a bit, you can place a wooden packer under the spirit level until it becomes flat. Keeping it under the bottom reveal and snapping it off can help in taking off the packer effectively. 

Step#4 Flush the Window to the Inside Wall

Made your window leveled? Now make sure to flush it into the inside wall. For this step, you would need another tool, set square. Here you need to line up your set square against the fence and now push the door or window out or get the personnel outside to force it in until you are assured that the wall or the door/window is leveled.

Step#5 Attachment of the Frame to the Wall

Now comes the time to attach the door or window frame to the wall. Here you would require the drill with which first you would make three holes into each side of the reveal at the top, center, and bottom. Again, use the set square to take full assurance of if the frame stays flat with the wall. Following this, now drill the three screws install the first side of the window or door. In this step, you have successfully attached one side of the window. Now it is not necessary for you to hold the weight.

Step#6 Fastening the Second Side of the Frame

Now you need to install the next side to make the process complete here. But before that, inspect if there are any holes between the wall and the door or window frame. If the personnel find any gap, you can set the packers into the gap and, following this, use the driller to drill in the screws. Finally, you can take off the packers, and now you would need the hammer. Tap the gaps with the hammer at last, and you are done. 

Incredible Tips to Maintain the Aluminum Sliding Windows and Doors

The proper maintenance of these aluminum sliding windows and doors would add more to their life. But when would you know if they require proper maintenance? Whenever you see that your windows are draughty, you need to fix them as there is something ill-fitting in the frame. Also, if you feel there is a condensation of cracks, you need to work on its maintenance. If you feel there are air leaks and if you feel that the traffic noise is still irritating you, work on its maintenance. 

Furthermore, you should also inspect your Aluminum sliding windows and doors from time to time, like after every two to three months or a max of six months if you want to upkeep them and keep them protected from any damages or faults. Here you would find some of the most exciting tips to keep your Aluminum sliding windows and doors maintained for a lasting time.

Clean the Glass

The marks on our hands are usually quite visible in the aluminum glass. The fingerprints and dust settled on its surface are clearly seen and ruins the beauty of Aluminum. This reason is enough to clean it regularly. There is no hard science for its cleaning. In fact, cleaning the Aluminum sliding windows and doors can be quite convenient. What you need are just a detergent and clean water. Dip the sponge or a soft cloth in the mixture of the detergent and water for cleaning as it will keep the surface protected from any scratches. Avoid cleaning in day hours when the doors and window surface is hot. Also, use the water in a minimal amount.

Dry the Awnings

The awning of the Aluminum windows conserves the heat well within the interior of your home and also enhances the aesthetics of that place. To maintain these aluminum awnings, you need to keep them dry. Its maintenance requires the removal of any additional residues left in it. If they are not eliminated from the awnings, there is a possibility of heavy oxidation that would eventually lead to staining.

Unclog the Tracks

There are many tracks in the aluminum doors and windows. These tracks actually become the home of dirt and debris. The accumulation of this dirt and debris restricts the function of sliding of the aluminum doors and windows. It becomes complicated to shut off and on the slides of the window or door, and this eventually leads to corrosion. To fix this issue, you need to unblock these tracks and the path with a vacuum cleaner so that you can get rid of the set-in dirt. Never use sharp objects, such as a nail cutter, which is a common practice among people for unclogging as it would damage the powder coating.

Wash the Frame

Not only the tracks and the glass but the frame of the aluminum windows and doors also require your attention. Again, here it is important to use the same detergent as you have used before to clean the glass. Clean the frame with the sponge and so it in a slow-motion to inhibit oxidation and pitting. If you feel that it needs new paint because of any stain, you can work on the polishing of the frame as well.

Apply Different Products

To spray the locks of your aluminum composite doors and windows you need to use a penetrating lubricant as it would decrease the stiffness and would keep the springs flexible as well. You can also use the car wash for the maintenance of the frame as it would eliminate all the grime attached to it. The next incredible product for the maintenance of the Aluminum sliding windows and frames is the silicone lubricant, and it would prevent it from rust and corrosion and would keep the glass shiny and smooth. Or also you can use a glass cleaner and a steam cleaner.

Fix Blinds and Snap-In Shades

To keep your house protected from extreme weather conditions, such as extreme cold or extreme heat, you can fix the blinds and snap-in shades in your aluminum sliding doors and windows. Also, if you think that the guest’s kids coming into your home for a stay can ruin the aluminum glass with their hands, then as well, these blinds can be your greatest help.

Repair the Damaged Parts

If your aluminum sliding doors and windows are ruined from shining or deterioration and cracks due to extreme rain, you must repair the damaged parts. If it is the frame, you can replace it from the shop. If it is glass, you can install the newer one.



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