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Smart watches are rapidly becoming more prevalent than fitness trackers, thanks to the Apple Watch. You do not have to be an iPhone user to use one because there are a variety of high-end Android Wear devices to pick from. However, if you are not sure whether if you would get enough use from a smart watch or not, all of those choices seem like a sheer investment. For example, the new Apple iWatch 3 with cellular LTE costs $399, is very expensive. We found plenty of smartwatches from a group of rare Chinese vendors on Amazon, affordable for almost everyone and requiring the least amount of charge.

You can see some of the very affordable watches listed below:

Amazfit Bip

One of the most significant objections with smartwatches is the requirement to recharge them as often as a Smartphone. The best smart watches you can get usually do not last longer than two days, and most need regular charging. The new Amazfit Bip gives up to a guaranteed 45 days of battery life. The Bip is neither a stripped down device nor a hybrid watch. It has a 1.28-inch touch-screen display, accurate GPS for location tracking, an optical heart rate sensor, IP68-rated water resistance, a 3-axis accelerometer and notification support from both iOS and Android devices. The company states that the watch can stand up to 30 days on a single charge, and up to 45 days with “least notifications.” It costs $99 $70 (updated) only.

Amazfit Arc

Amazfit, the second largest wearable’s producer globally, recently launched Amazfit Arc, a sophisticated heart rate and activity tracker. This is a fitness and health tracker that rightly fits in the budget category. No whistles and bells here – you get a tool that keeps a count of your steps, calories, and distance and observes your sleep as well. Directly check your health stats on the Arc’s 0.42-inch scratch-resistant OLED touchscreen and UV-coated display. A single charge presents 20 days of battery time. Users can also stay connected by receiving phone calls and text message notifications via vibration. Its price is just 69.99 USD ($52 updated). It supports both iOS and Android.

Amazfit Pace

Gone are the days where you must choose between using a smartwatch or a fitness tracker. While it seems many wearables on the market are made to fit squarely in one class or the other, there are few exceptional devices out there that offer the excellence of both worlds. Amazfit Pace watch is the GPS-enabled sports smart watch with five days of battery life in just $159.99. You can check your heart rate with this fantastic water-resistant smartwatch and run phone-free with onboard music storage.

Lenovo Watch 9

A hybrid of a watch, with the best of both worlds.. . Almost! It actually costs pretty low and looks all sassy, but it doesn’t give us that must-have heartbeat sensor. The first time we attach the watch with the phone app is a looker, since all the watches hands move in hyper-fluent speed to match the current time. It is a bit of a turn-off as it seems like this will eat up all the juice in the watch. Although, if you dont know, the watch comes with a guarantee of a year-long battery life on standby! You get the old-fashion analogue display with REAL watch hands, and the great battery life (CR2032 button battery), but that is without connection to the phone. It comes with a Motion sensor (pedometer), Bluetooth 5.0, 5 ATM waterproofing, Android and iOS support, message reminder alongside calls, camera snap control button, and other software features. Did you know what it costs? Only $32 USD! The cheapest hybrid branded watch you can get.

Apple Watch Series 1

Track your activity, measure your exercises and workouts, watch your health, and do much more. Apple Watch Series 1 allows you to do it all in a second, with acknowledgments to a dual-core processor and the compelling new features of watchOS 4. To keep you motivated to work out more often, it lets you share your moves and keeps you informed about monthly fitness challenges. Besides getting call and message alerts, it also lets you access your favorite apps while on the go – play the music and dance to the beat or take help from Siri. To top it off, Apple lets you customize your watch just the way you like, go for a metal band, a sporty one, or single colored sassy one. Apple Watch Series 1 is the least expensive and affordable compared to other Apple Watch series. Around $249 for the base variant!

All these watches are quite reasonable and let you enjoy all these fantastic features. Choose one that suits you best and keeps track of your fitness day in and day out. Also, while at it, check out the Engagement Ring Ideas to go alongside your beautiful smartwatches for the next event ; )

Stay Fit!



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