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Cleaning the Dirt


Our society has so many flaws that in order to clear them up, I don’t know where to start from. In fact “so many” is much like an understatement. The numbers of problems in our society are probably just as much as the number of individuals that make up the society.


At first: Start from Yourself!


See what is bad in you. Where have you been wrong? Clear the flaws in yourself first then pin-point other’s flaws. Solve your own problems first because it is not unless you have solved your own problems that you can clearly see the problems our society is going through. Besides one must have some problem-solving experience first and play safe when it comes to the society because seriously, the society is in no shape for trials and errors right now. Our society’s problems are a little too serious to let newbies handle them. In other words you can say that in order to qualify for the society’s advisor, one must have some “self-problem-solving experience” in their resume.


If you really want things to go right then go through self-examination yourself and check for your own mistakes. Correct your own mistakes first and remember; you are not liable to pin-point other’s mistakes unless you correct all of yours first.


So for a start: Stop being Judgemental.

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